Thursday, February 17, 2011

These are the Moments Mini album

I fully intended to sell this album. I have had it done for over a week and haven't gotten around to
listing it. I think part of me really, really, really wants to keep it for myself. I love to make these little albums, but I'm usually just fine watching them go to a happy home and be filled with some one's special pictures. When I sell one I get to start on the next one. I get so excited for that part. I'll let you know what I decide to do with it... maybe you'll see it complete with pics by Monday. I'm making myself decide by then whether it's keep or sell. Ahhh! No worries. That is the fun of these. My baby boy album didn't sell the last time, so if you didn't see it before you should check it out. I hope you are having a great night. Time for some yummy chicken tacos here;)

1 comment:

Jan Marie said...

Too dang cute. I think you should keep it.