Friday, February 18, 2011

Quilt Walk Mini Album

How can I be so scared and so excited... hoping for one outcome, but more for another? Crazy I know... but that's me. When I was asked to submit an album to teach for Quilt Walk, I was scared to death. But I got one together anyway. I did a trial run album class for some of the ladies in town and I have never been so scared. The problem with that night was that I was teaching ladies that I really look up to and who I turn to for help. I hated being the one to tell them how to do something. Talk about role reversal. We got the albums pretty well done and the ones that I got to see 100% done turned out way cute. Thanks to those ladies I think it will be a great experience to teach this class at Quilt Walk. So here is the album I will be teaching at the Quilt Walk this year. If you are in Panguitch the 2nd weekend in June you should definitely stop by. This is an amazing weekend and tells people a little bit about this small town and the people that settled it. Hope you are having GREAT Friday night!

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Tam said...

So pretty! You are good at this!