Thursday, February 10, 2011

Me & my wondering thoughts...

Ok... so here it is. I'm a "home" body. A crafty person that's happy in her PJ's until she absolutely has to get dressed. Happy to crawl around with my kiddos on the floor playing with puzzles, toys, and books. I'm even happier when my kids come over to the kitchen table (that is always covered in my latest project) asking for my scraps, glue, and my cuttlebug to make their masterpieces(that to my husband's dismay I can hardly ever throw away;). That being said I use to love to GO and DO all the time. Now I go and do but in a much different way than my pre-kid days. Days are filled with school, preschool, dance classes, scouts, church, wrestling.... and no one is more suprised than I how easily I have fallen into this craziness called motherhood. Never did I think that I would rather be home cuddling my children and jumping on the trampoline with them than shopping or pursuing the career of my dreams. Its funny how we don't always realize that our dreams and the things that will make us the happiest in life are two very different things that can inevitably take you on two very different paths. Neither is a bad path, but the unexpected one that you never saw coming is the one that your heart is chasing. The other path gets put on hold, or maybe just doesn't seem as important now that you have let yourself wander down this amazing detour. Whoever knew how many twists, turns, and bumps you would hit on this detour. Who knew that even though it wasn't what you planned on, that it would make your heart full and your feet feel like you were floating a little? I didn't. I've decided that this wasn't the detour, but the path that was just a little hidden that I had to find. If I hadn't followed it I would have missed out on so much. Thanks for the push in the right direction Mom. It turns out parents do know what they are talking about. Any how, I am grateful for where I am on my "path" today. I'm grateful for my sweet, funny, and oh so energetic kiddos. I am grateful for my sweetheart that still makes my heart skip a beat. And I am so grateful for this beautiful place I get to call home. Hope you all are having a great day, wherever you are on your path.

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