Friday, February 18, 2011

Life is Beautiful Mini

Ahhh... life is good... and beautiful. I've almost completely decided to keep the These are the Moments Mini for myself. I have completed yet another mini album, so I feel better about keeping the other. I think this one is so dainty, and springy, and pretty. I was so exited to get it done. It took three days to finish it because every time I tried to work on it my smallest munchkin would get herself into trouble. So adorable, but such a stinker. She has hit that point that she is crawling and climbing everywhere and fast. I say her name and she takes off in the other direction giggling. Priceless! I love being home with my kiddos to see those things. And I did get the album done. Let me know what you think of it and check out the rest of the pics on ebay.


Tracy said...

Such a beautiful mini album.
3 days isn't a long time to finish a mini album.
My 3 daughters are grown and it still takes me a long time to finish a mini.
I miss those little girl days. I was also a stay at home mom. loved every second.

Tam said...

Another pretty album!