Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Proceed with caution...

I don't know if its Spring fever, but I've got the cleaning bug. So where do I start? At my mess of a kitchen table. Now I love all things scrappy, but this is out of control. I have a perfectly good craft room in our basement, but everything seems to migrate up here where I can watch my kiddos and create at the same time. Does this happen to you? I know that I will be posting a blog similar to this again in the future (maybe very near future knowing me;) but for the time being I am taking back the kitchen table... for food and family gathering! As I look at this pic I can't help but think how sweet my husband is. He doesn't walk in mad about the table being covered with paper and not dinner, but happy that I got to do what makes me happy at some point in our hectic days. Thanks sweetheart:)
A couple of you posted about the flowers on my last album. I am going to try and do a tutorial in the near future. Let me know which ones were your faves and I'll be sure to do those first. I hope you all are having a great day!

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Nicole said...

Good luck with the cleaning! Asking what flowers I like, those all look great I couldn't choose just one, I like all of them! You did a great job!