Friday, September 23, 2011

Mrs. Humpty-Dumpty...

I have to say that sometimes we get a touch carried away with the assigments that our children get... but this is okay in my book.  It gets the kiddos and me excited about projects.  So my little Kindergarten daughter brought a note home that she needed to decorate a hard boiled egg tolook like Humpty-Dumpty and bring it to school today.  So last night we boiled some eggs and cooled them off and ended up making some serious decisions, like eye color and deciding on a girly version because my daughter really didn't want to make a boy.  It took some convincing, but I convinced my daughter the egg needed suspenders, and she loved them.  We did not however add hair because " ...eggs don't have hair,Mom!" How funny that we had such a good time dressing up a hard-boiled egg with craft scraps, a marker, and a hot glue gun:)

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